Medical Equipment Rental Solution A simple and immediate process

We stand by you

With an easy and simple process you can rent the medical equipment you need without committing your funds. Medical One Solutions is an authorized renting agent for the most reputable companies in the field of medical equipment. Leading manufacturing companies trust us for the distribution and renting of their medical equipment as well as for the After-Sale Service.

Medical One Renting Programs

When you need reliable and up to date medical equipment to meet the needs of your patients you can trust Medical One Solutions for the most comprehensive and reliable renting solutions.


We are ready to meet the requirements of each client, whether it is a doctor’s office or an entire hospital. We provide medical equipment rental solutions that meet your short-term or long-term needs. The medical equipment is delivered at your site after passing all the necessary controls by the manufacturer. The installation is carried out by certified technicians and you receive them ready for use for your patients.


If you need more information about the medical equipment rental process or you want to request a quote you can call us today.

Unique Advantages

Personalized information through portal

  • You have easy and direct access to your account details and transactions through a secure portal.
  • You keep a track on the service program or the progress of the repair of your equipment through the specialized electronic card.

Continuing training

  • Participation in seminars on new technologies without any charge.
  • Participation in Medical Workshops.
  • Staff training on delivery of the equipment, as well as repetitive training without any additional charges.

Immediate support

  • We provide technical support 24/7 through a specialized portal.
  • Your equipment is supported by a team of specialized technicians, who deal specifically with the systems covered by the rental contract.
  • Free annual inspection of the equipment.
  • Free transport to our Service Department for repair, when necessary.