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Get to know our process

1. Medical Equipment Selection

The sales representative of the medical equipment company visits you and presents you the range of equipment that exists in the market. You select the equipment that meets your needs without any restrictions and without the stress of committing funds. After your selection, the sales representative contacts us giving us the specifications of the equipment you wish.

2. Rental Program Selection

We analyze your needs according to the information we received from the sales representative and we present you personalized rental programs according to your specifications. You select the ideal rental program for you by determining the corresponding cost and repayment period. Once selected, we proceed to order the equipment.

3. Delivery and Installation

The delivery of your medical equipment is carried out within a specific time frame as agreed upon the order. We undertake the transport and installation of the equipment by a specialized team of technicians in collaboration with the representative and the manufacturing company. We are there for the demonstration and training of your associates.