We turn the medical equipment rental into a simple process


Medical One Solutions is a company that provides much more than just the possibility of medical equipment renting. We are close to the doctor and the health professional and we provide integrated solutions guaranteed and reliable. With a monthly cost determined by the type of equipment and the duration of the rent you can acquire the most up to date equipment for your needs without commitments and restrictions.


We cooperate with leading medical equipment representatives in Greece in order to provide you with flexibility and you can choose exactly the equipment you need. In the field of Ophthalmology we have exclusive cooperation with the company New Optical Solutions, while in Dermatology with Innova Medical.


Our specialty is to turn the acquisition of the most state-of-the-art medical equipment into a simple process that meets exactly the needs of each physician. We have created a fast and efficient renting process that enables any physician or diagnostic center to acquire the equipment they need without having to commit any funds..


We plan service packages according to your special needs and we stand by your side even after the purchase of the equipment. We are there for the installation, we provide training programs but also we undertake the management of the after-sale service by the respective technical department of the representative company.

We stand by you

With an easy and simple process you can rent the medical equipment you need without committing your funds. Medical One Solutions is an authorized rental agent for the most reputable companies in the field of medical equipment. Leading manufacturing companies trust us for the distribution and renting of their medical equipment as well as for the After-Sale Service.

Our services

With flexible medical equipment renting solutions we are close to any physician who wants to dispose the most modern technology. We have created the appropriate services and we are your partners at every stage.

Immediate support

We provide immediate support by specialized technicians for any system covered by our contract.

Uninterrupted operation

We observe the continuous operation of any system to avoid damage.


We provide an estimate of the cost of repair in case of failure without any charge.

Free transfer

In case of damage, we undertake the free transfer of the system to the company for repair.


We undertake the training of the staff for the use of the equipment.