Medical Equipment Rental Solution I am interested A modern and flexible solution without committing your funds

The 3 main reasons to Rent

Financial flexibility

In an economically difficult environment with many challenges for health professionals, buying a new machine may require huge funds. Medical equipment rental solutions bridge the gap between capital availability and the clinical needs of doctors and hospitals.

Up to date technology

The rapid technological progress makes it difficult for hospitals and physicians to keep up with emerging medical developments. When you use outdated technology, repairs and recalls that may occur create additional problems. With the rent you have easy and direct access to the new technology.

Smooth operation

Older medical devices are prone to problems with their use and are usually more difficult to repair than newer ones. Spare parts may not be available or their cost may be unaffordable. With the rent it is easy to replace older equipment with reliable state-of-the-art devices.

We made renting a simple process in three steps

Selection of Medical Equipment

Selection of Medical Equipment

Together with the sales representative you choose without any restrictions the best equipment that will meet your needs.

Selection of a Rental Program

Selection of a Rental Program

We present to you the rental programs that we provide and you select the most suitable one for you. Once the contract is finalized, the equipment is ordered.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery and Installation

We undertake the delivery of the equipment at your site and the installation is carried out by a specialized team of technicians. We are there for the demonstration and the tests.

Guaranteed fast repair

Immediate communication and recording of the problem 24/7

Visit by the technician, assessment and reporting of the damage into the platform within 48 hours

You receive the quote for the repair within 60 hours

* Terms and conditions apply

Instant access to your personal account

You have easy access to your account details and transactions at any time through a secure portal.